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Red Knights: how to become a member?

Red Knights to become a member, you must be a member of the following categories:


  • chapter member: this title is recognized members who create the chapter 
  • active member: this title is recognized members being or having been part of a fire department (civil airport, factory) 
  • social member: this title is recognized members belonging to the family of a firefighter 
  • Associate Member: This title is recognized to civilians who are parrainnées by a firefighter (although their number can not exceed 10% of the number of active members) 

if you want to be part of a chapter, send an email to the president of the chapter, it will send you the form to complete and your application will be submitted to the Board of Directors. If your application is successful, you will fulfill the annual fee.


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1. Harley1450 19/02/2015

Hallo I am Jef and member Red Knights 3 Belgium

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Last edited: 19/08/2014