The main purpose of this chapter is to create a good atmosphere where members can enjoy practicing family motorcycle leisure

including organizing tourist excursions motorcyclists nationally and internationally.



We are still trying to develop friendships with colleagues around the world that we encounter during our outings.

One of the other aims of our chapter is to contribute to improving the image of the biker

including the adoption in our travels and blameless conduct and attitude in advocating safety and courtesy.



With us, all members democratically speech and suggestions are always listened to with attention.

Chapter meets quarterly and all members can attend these meetings.


Just like our colleagues, we try through philanthropic social action to help disadvantaged people in our country.

We will keep you informed of these as and when they are completed.


The international currency is


"Loyal to our Duty"


"Loyal to our duty"




This currency will be adopted by the Chapter "Red Knights Belgium 1"

The mission of the Red Knights will also be that of Belgium One:


Promote the conduct of motocylcette safely

Project a positive image of the practice of the motorcycle,

Promote brotherhood among firefighters

Engaged exclusively in social activities,


charitable and educational to increase the general understanding of fun to master driving a motoclyclette,

sportsmanship and participation in the sport of motorcycling.




Eric Georgin

President Red Knights Belgium 1


"Loyal to our Duty"


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Last edited: 31/07/2014