Message from the President

Message from the President

Hello to you all, friends and friends motorcycle enthusiasts.

We welcome you on our site and we invite you to know us through it .....


December 19, 2012



3 YEARS of existence of our chapter, what are the results:

A positive during the year 2012,

we participated in many activities at the motorcycle rides whatsoever for Télévie The indian Day ....

We met the challenge, mentor and secure motorcycle procession Televie, placed in a day of hope and support for research.

We strengthened our external relations with a twinning oath with the Red Knights France.1

At the end of 2012, some members are leaving us for personal reasons, but other membresprendront their places, because our chapter is open to all chacum a firefighter and paramedic chapter.


What are our plans for 2013?


Keep the momentum going, participate in a maximum of ride motorcycle, and help strengthen the maximun excécutif committee Region 7

(Red Knights Europe Association) has set up it and through it to see the Red across Europe to create new chapter.

Also strengthen our contact outside border with a Firefighter Memorial Ride project which will take place June 30, 2013 with the participation of RK Belgium (1,2,3,4); with § Wind Fire, and Son Of Freedom Fire Brussels, a day of remembrance for the fallen fire.

Hoping to see you all soon on the road, and, hoping for a successful year for our club.

All be very careful and respectful of others on the road.


Eric Georgin


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