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History of Red knights

During the summer of 1982, several firefighters met at "Randy's Cycle Shop" in Boylston, Massachusetts.

For some time, their topic of discussion is the fact that the police have a motorcycle club "Blue Knights" but no such association exists for firefighters.

Exasperated always hear the same complaints, the hotel Sugere to Ed Wright Northboro firefighter in Massachusetts to stop whining and form a club.

Over the following days, after making a few posters, Ed Wright invites firefighters around to meet to determine if they show enough interest to form a motorcycle club for firefighters.

In August and October of the same year, a dozen firefighters meet again the master district barracks Northboro and come to the conclusion to form a club under the name of "Red Knights Motorcycle Club."

The news of the formation of the new club is spreading like wildfire.

In July and October 1983, the chapters in Connecticut and Massachusetts are formed as membership applications also reach Nevada and Louisiana.

During the month of August 1983, the founding members realize that the organization of this club grows beyond initial expectations.

In order to answer this growth, a committee is elected by the term "National Board of Directors."

Faced with requests for membership chapters in Ontario and Saskatchewan in Canada, the club is incorporated under the name "Red Knights International Firefighters Motorcycle Club."

In 1984, the first convention of this club was held in Boylston, Massachusetts. Since that time, a convention held annually either in the U.S. or Canada.

Since the formation of the club, hundreds of chapters were formed. Unfortunately, over the years for various reasons, some have left.

As new chapters are currently under study, more than 10,000 members form the current club.

With the exception of chapters based in a state or province, there is a "Member-at-large" chapter (MAL), which includes firefighters whose remoteness, number or place of residence does not allow the formation of a local chapter. These members are under the direction of the International.

"Red Knights" is an organization whose members are exclusively active or retired firefighters, firefighters part-time, volunteer firefighters, préventionistes their spouse (s), their children and some of their friends (e ) s​​.

The anthem of the Red Knights is one of the countries represented.

The "motto" of the club!

"Loyal to our duty"

Own history

The history of Belgium 1


Belgium 1 was born December 19, 2009 at the initiative of its President helped a few people. In January 2010, the chapter starts and the President organized the first meeting of the chapter. On the occasion of this meeting, elections were held and was created at the end thereof the Board and the implementation of chapter officers. The machine is running, and chapter officers immediately begin to work.


Belgium 1 implements its organic regulation, decide on a timetable for bike rides (the second Sunday of each month from April and until the month of October). Organization dinner and birthdays chapter each year.


Belgium 1 has a great desire to share, join forces to make events, create friendships between the outer sections.

These friendships enabled Belgium 1 create strong links to chapters and we made ​​oaths of twinning Blue Knights X (Chapter policeman Belgium), with silver helmets (motorcycle club Fire Paris) and the Red Knights chapter 1 France.

Organizing the first European meeting Red Knights and Blue Knights, this meeting was an opportunity to commemorate the memory of firefighters from across the Atlantic (USA) fell during the WTC attacks (10 years). This meeting was an opportunity to initiate the association region of Europe Red Knights and elect its European Mr. Pierre Halleux.

The commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center, was the opportunity to dress our national Manneken-Pis in color Red Knights and so do honorary member of the Red Knights Chapter Belgium1, the Mayor of Brussels: Mr. Thielemans F. Every year since September 11 Manneken Pis is dressed in Red Knights to allow the memory.

Since 2010, the chapter combines RTL TVI for the organization of Televie and ensures the safety of motorcycle procession.



Eric Georgin

President RKB1

certification of own chapter


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